In deze aflevering gaat het over radioreclame. Dit is nog steeds een zeer krachtige tool om een groot nieuw publiek, en dus potentiele nieuwe klanten te bereiken.


Let's be honest about podcasting. Doing a podcast can be an amazing experience, but when it's not going well, it can also be a huge drag. The majority of podcasts get fewer than 200 downloads per episode. If you have a podcast, I don't want you to fall into the trap so many podcasts do – I want you to succeed, have fun with your podcast, and reach people. In this episode, I share a story that I hope inspires you to keep moving forward with your podcast, even if it's not currently where you'd like it to be.

In This Episode:

• The worst part of podcasting?

• What bartenders, black jack dealers, and (some) podcasters have in common

• Why podcasters lose touch with their audiences

• When podcasting becomes a drag...

• The real reason people listen to podcasts

• Meeting your idols

• Developing a connection with podcast listeners, blog readers, and others who consume your


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• Big Podcast

My recommended podcasting equipment

• Big Podcast Daily (Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts)

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